Incredible Day of Collaboration for Pharmaceutical Traceability in Nigeria

On this day 26th february 2024 was  marked a pivotal moment as Renaud de Barbuat, the esteemed Global CEO & President of GS1, graced Nigeria with his presence. Day one of his visitation kicked off with an enlightening session at the NAFDAC’s office in Isolo, where impactful discussions unfolded.
The atmosphere was charged with innovation as key players convened, including the Director-General of NAFDAC, dynamic GS1 Nigeria Team, alongside the distinguished President of GS1 Nigeria, and the dedicated Traceability Team from NAFDAC.
The Director-General of NAFDAC gave her opening remarks, she shared her insights, applauding the collaborative efforts and urging all stakeholders to persist in their commendable work.
Mr. Barbuat, in his visionary leadership, delved into the challenges plaguing the industry, seeking solutions to propel us forward. Participants, fueled by passion, voiced their perspectives and proposed actionable strategies.
Emphasizing the power of synergy, our CEO at GS1 Nigeria reiterated our commitment to fostering deeper collaboration with NAFDAC for optimal outcomes. Collectively, we brainstormed and envisioned a future where pharmaceutical traceability sets new standards of excellence.
Today was not just a meeting; it was a catalyst for innovation and progress. Stay tuned as we embark on this transformative journey together. The future of pharmaceutical traceability in Nigeria shines brightly, illuminating pathways to safer, more efficient healthcare systems.