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The Global Location Number (GLN) is a globally unique GS1 Identification Key used to identify parties and locations. The GLN allows users to answer the questions “who” and “where” within their own organization and throughout the entire, global supply chain.

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GS1 Nigeria takes a significant stride as it expands its solution through the Global Data Synchronization Network

GS1 Nigeria Experience Centre

At GS1 Nigeria, we believe that efficient and reliable supply chains are the backbone of successful businesses. That’s why we have created the GS1 Experience Centre, a cutting-edge facility that showcases how GS1 standards can be effectively deployed to implement traceability in various industries.

Verified by GS1

Verified by GS1 provides unique, trusted and verifiable product, company and location information for business partners and government entities. This is done by representing each product, company and location with an ID card containing a small set of attributes making each product, company or location uniquely identifiable. These attributes are stored in a global, trusted database of information hosted by GS1 (the GS1 Registry Platform) – acting as authoritative registries of GS1 issued identity that can be accessed and queried globally through GS1 Member Organisations.

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