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GS1 Nigeria in Healthcare
Channeling the effective deployement of global standardsfor the NationalTtraceabilitysystem and providing data to support pharmacovigilance for COVID-19 vaccines
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Driving progress in industries worldwide for over 50 years

GS1 plays a vital role across a spectrum of industries, powering efficiency and reliability through standardized processes. In retail, GS1 standards streamline inventory management and enhance consumer experiences. The healthcare sector benefits from accurate product identification, ensuring patient safety and effective supply chain management. In transport and logistics, GS1 enables seamless tracking and tracing of goods, optimizing operations. In the foodservice industry, these standards uphold transparency and safety, from farm to table. Across all these key sectors, GS1 empowers businesses to establish trust, reduce costs, and drive innovation, ultimately shaping more resilient and interconnected global supply chains.

The paramount task in healthcare is to ensure patient safety. Key to this is the ability to improve the efficiency of all activities in the healthcare supply chain and make sure the right patient gets the right medicine at the right time

GS1 standards give businesses a common, global language for identifying products and exchanging information, which reduces complexity, streamlines processes and reduces errors.


The integration of GS1 standards within the FMCG sector has revolutionized supply chain dynamics, ensuring seamless operations from production to consumption. 


The Foodservice supply chain is known to be complex, dynamic, and consumer-driven, but with the help of GS1 standards, the process becomes simplified. 

Transport & Logistics

As a manufacturer, retailer, or logistics service provider, you need to know exactly where your shipments of goods are at any time, where they have come from, and when and where they are due to arrive.

Technical Industries

GS1 Standards for identifying, capturing and sharing information about things (products, parts, components and assets), business locations, documents and more, enable these industries to achieve true supply chain visibility and life cycle management.