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The retail industry around the globe is facing multiple challenges due to the rapid growth in omnichannel shopping. This challenge has affected the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to wholesalers, distributors, group procuring organizations and retail stores.

There is a need to create a smooth shopping experience for the shoppers that will be consistent over time to enable consumer trust. Product availability, reliable and complete data are determinants to achieving this goal and quashing the aftermath of the pandemic.

GS1 Nigeria has aided over 4,000 brand owners to achieve these dreams by enabling them to share this product information with both retailers and e-tailers. GS1 standards are integrated into ERP systems to optimize business processes to meet the challenges of multichannel buying whilst improving shoppers’ experience. Reduced errors, optimized business processes and good relationships with customers/suppliers enables retailers to build a more trusting brand.

Over the years, GS1 unique identifiers and trusted data has created a platform for retailers and brand owners to build synchronized procedures that enable consumers satisfaction.
GS1 Nigeria enables collaboration between retailers and brand owners so you can all benefit from global standards that help deliver better choices, better service, and a better experience for consumers, whichever means they prefer to purchase items.

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