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Whether you’re selling your products in store or online, you need a unique number to identify your product. This is a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) – the numbers you see under a barcode

Often times people think that the GTIN is the same thing with the barcode, but it is not.
GTIN can be used by a company to uniquely identify all of its trade items. Meanwhile, barcodes are the actual lines and spaces that you see on the label that are to be read by a scanner at the point of sale.

The GTIN can be used to identify types of products at any packaging level (e.g., consumer unit, inner pack, case, pallet) individual trade items can be uniquely identified using a GTIN plus serial number.

Once a company has assigned a GTIN to a trade item, it provides a common language for all of its entities and trading partners worldwide to uniquely identify the item and easily share information about the item.

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GTIN calculation tool

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Barcode price table

Range Annual Licence Total
01-10 10,000 32,500
11-20 15,000 37,500
21-30 25,000 47,500
31-40 35,000 57,500
41-50 45,000 67,500
51-60 55,000 77,500
61-70 75,000 97,500
71-80 100,000 122,500
81-100 125,000 147,500
101-150 150,000 172,500
151-200 175,000 197,500
201-300 200,000 222,500
301-400 225,000 247,500
401-1000 250,000 312,500

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