Photo Studio

GS1 Nigeria Photo Studio is a physical studio created solely for taking and editing manufacturer product images in advert and ecommerce worthy formats, high definition. GS1 Nigeria Photo Studio photographs products for FREE, it is a great opportunity to get crisp clear marketing and advertorial materials for your business. GS1 Nigeria has gone further to ensure that every image taken in our Photo Studio will be automatically uploaded to our popular online Product Directory platform. This platform currently contains over 7,000 product data, it is a reliable hub where Retailers and Consumers get information about products and their manufacturers. Your product image on the Product Directory is the fastest way for Retailers and Consumers to identify your products.

Why you should consider using our Photo Studio

  • We capture the images of your products with our high definition camera for FREE
  • We upload the images of your products to our Product Directory
  • Your products become visible on Google when users make a search

How to take advantage of GS1 Photo Studio

Visit our office at MAN House, 77 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja with samples of your products. We are open from 8AM to 5PM on weekdays. Capturing product images should take averagely 10 minutes.