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Improving patient safety and supply chain efficiency using GS1 Standards

The healthcare industry is experiencing dynamic change, but one thing remains the same: the need for consistent, high-quality patient care. Today’s organizations are expected to:

  • Deliver quality care while lowering costs
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Adapt to new legislation, reform, and regulations

GS1 Nigeria works directly with the industry to adopt and use standards that help organizations share data, promote accuracy, and work more efficiently—to improve patient safety and lower healthcare costs. The widespread use of GS1 Standards has revolutionized efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in a range of industries. Recognizing the impact that industry-wide adoption of a common language can have, GS1 Nigeria Healthcare is committed to helping the industry improve efficiency and quality for lower costs, more streamlined care delivery, and better patient safety using GS1 Standards.

GS1 Healthcare Provides the following services:

  • Trainings. Please click here for detailed information.
  • Product Audit consultancy services: Product audits confirm product compliance with GS1 Standards and GTIN allocation rules with respect to identification, master data, the product image and barcode imagery.
  • Location (Including Factory and Plant) audit consultancy services: Location audits are used to confirm the existence of a location and compliance with GS1 Standards with respect to identification of these locations. This is also necessary for preparing the organization for traceability.
  • Traceability Implementation conformance consultancy services: Traceability Implementation conformance consultancy is provided to support pharmaceutical stakeholders in building the necessary platforms and structures in their facilities that enable the use of GS1 STANDARDS to optimize business processes while conforming with regulatory guidelines. Traceability implementation supports product authentication by the trading partners and consumers and discourages the influx of substandard and fake products into the legitimate supply chain and optimizes inventory management and supply chain efficiency. Supply chain visibility provides real time demand data about the movement and status of goods in the physical world for market analytics, forecasting and production planning.
  • The GS1 Nigeria Rx EPCIS Conformance Testing Program is a voluntary program offered to support pharmaceutical industry members implementing EPCIS for traceability pursuant to GS1 Implementation Guidelines. The Program is designed to validate that an EPCIS event file follows the format and structure defined in the GS1 Traceability Implementation Guidelines to support interoperable EPCIS baseline functionality for the purposes of serialized item data exchanges. It is designed for the sender of EPCIS events (whether the company\themselves, or a solution provider on their behalf), also known as “EPCIS event generators.” (Note: the program is not designed for receivers of events.)
  • Solution Provider Programme The solution Provider Programme provides Solution providers with the necessary trainings and support to develop solutions based on GS1 Standards to provide services to stakeholders

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