Making the difference

Date posted:09/08/2018

GS1 Nigeria standards are being used all over the country and even outside the shores of the country with our members executing over 6 billion scanned transactions everyday using GS1 standards. With GS1 Nigeria being a member organisation of GS1 International, we have been able to spread the good news of the global language of business in the minds and day to day activities of manufacturers, retailers and even companies from different sectors. GS1 revolves majorly around 4 industries namely retail, healthcare, transport & logistics, and food services. With the positive impacts that GS1 standards are having in these industries, other sectors are seeking for a way these standards can be mapped out to meet their needs. Traceability is possible through GS1 Standards to support good logistics practices as well as quality & risk management. During a recall, the ability to determine the origin of a problem and to locate which products are to be removed from the supply chain is essential. Traceability has become a regulatory requirement in several sectors and countries. Furthermore, it is a tool in fighting product counterfeiting and protecting brands. And you all agree with me that we have activities of counterfeited products going on in our supply chain in this century and it can only be eliminated through the use of the global standards which is being used presently over 6 billion times a day. To affirm this statement, products carrying the GS1 Nigeria barcodes are sitting on the shelves of big and multi-national supermarkets such as Shoprite, Spar, Justrite, Addide amongst others and i believe you know the rate at which customers’ troop into these supermarket outlets all over the country to purchase products. I hereby invite brand owners who are yet to join the GS1 Nigeria family to sign up with GS1 Nigeria so as not to miss the benefits embedded in the GS1 standards.

Adedayo Adekoya

Solution Officer