GS1 Nigeria

GS1 Nigeria is a neutral and a not-for-profit organization that facilitates collaboration among trading partners and technology providers in Nigeria, in order to solve together business challenges that leverage global standards and to ensure visibility and efficiency along the entire value chain. We get everyone speaking the same language of business. We set standards using unique numbers for global use which makes the reliable identification of products, locations and assets possible. A member of GS1 global, having 111 member organizations that represent all parts of the supply chain, GS1 serves over 1.5 million companies worldwide across 250 countries. Our global office is situated in Brussels, Belgium. GS1 Nigeria is guided by same ethics, principles and values.

We seek to improve at all times, an efficient and visible supply chain networks and deliver absolutely same services as done at our global offices and other member organizations across the world since we pull our product from a globally centralized source.

Our products are mainly Barcodes (our global standards for automatic identification of article, assets, location numbering), eCom (our global standards for electronic business messaging and communication), GDSN (Global Database Synchronization Network which is the environment for global data harmonization) and EPCglobal (our global standards for RFID-Radio Frequency Identification supported identification).

With our core products, we have developed solutions that are specific for the use of our target industries, these solutions include Product-Authentication, Anti-counterfeiting, Traceability, Order-to-cash, B2C (Business to Consumers), B2B (Business to Business/collaboration), MobileCom, Auto-ID, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Upstream solution and Sustainability.

Our present strengths are in Healthcare, Retail and Consumer Goods, Transportation and Logistics, Aviation, Consumer electronics and financial sectors, as well as Defense and Customs.

GS1 Nigeria serves close to 1500 businesses in over 8 industries in Nigeria by facilitating industry initiatives, administrating the GS1 System of standards, providing education and support, and connecting communities through events and online forums.

We bring together communities of stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of business problems and the creation of supply chain standards.

We are guided by the communities we serve. We are user-driven and user-governed.

We engage industries to encourage understanding, widespread adoption, and strategic usage of standards.

We enable the development and implementation of industry and company-level solutions that leverage global GS1 Standards to optimize business processes.

We are neutral and not-for-profit. We succeed when industries and companies derive value from using our standards.

We believe in the power of GS1 Standards to generate supply chain visibility, efficiency, safety, and collaboration.

Our brand statement

Collaborating with trading partners to create more efficient, safer and sustainable value chains with global standards.


Our unique numbers to identify, capture and share information on any product, asset or location, our barcodes and innovative supporting technologies can make your life a whole lot simpler too. Think of our standards as the DNA of the supply chain. They enable a complete, real-time inventory picture covering all product, transactional and location data. We make business more efficient, cheaper, safer and faster for you to serve your customers in retail, online, foodservice, health and music.

Our primary targets are User Companies (existing and potential members) - senior executives and functional leaders (Supply Chain, IT, Marketing).

Our secondary targets are Government and regulatory agencies, solution providers, trade associations, analysts, academics, media.

Our present membership cuts across Retails, Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Publishing, Entertainment and Fresh Foods. We however seek to service other sectors such as Finance, Aerospace, Defense, Security, Customs, Transport and Logistics with our specifically tailored standards and solutions that are well acceptable, recognized, reputed and implemented globally.


GS1 Nigeria is jointly promoted by Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), National Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), National Association of Supermarket Operators of Nigeria (NASON), POS Shop (as technical partners).

GS1 Nigeria was established after a stakeholder’s sensitization forum by the National Council of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria on 12 July, 2006; where a consensus was agreed on to establish GS1 Organization in Nigeria. An application for membership was thereafter made by the current CEO, Mr. Tunde Odunlami on behalf of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria on 12 April, 2007 and was well accepted and approved by the General Assembly Meeting of GS1 in Seoul, South Korea on 23 May, 2007.

The Board of Directors is constituted of major manufacturers, retailer and regulatory bodies which represent the buyers of our standards at one end and at the other, the users. The is Presided over by Asiwaju Solomon Kayode Onafowokan, OON as the President of GS1 Nigeria. In specifics, they include principals and representatives of the following companies:

  • MAN
  • Goodies Supermarket
  • UAC Foods
  • POS Shop
  • AMIGO Supermarket
  • May and Baker
  • Bennett Industries Limited
  • PZ Cussons
  • Unilever Nigeria Plc
  • ESCO Superstores
  • Doyin Group
  • Johnson Wax.