The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has impacted every one of us. The majority of us are staying at home, while we’re working, learning, and engaging in business activities remotely. But as the world rapidly changes around us, what hasn’t changed is GS1 Nigeria commitment to you and our global community. We get that when it feels like the world has stopped spinning, it’s hard to see a path forward. That’s why as part of our commitment to you, we’re inviting you to find your path forward with us. Together with our global partners and the millions of manufacturers, retailers and consumers who make up our community, we want to support you in every way we can. We’re here to help you stay connected and move forward, together.

Stay Connected

Join our online community -Facebook, Twitter, Instangram community is the best way to come together right now. Tips for successful Online business engagement - As a global non-profit, our goal is to continue to be a resource to the growing online business community with the use of GS1 standards. In this collection of online growing business needs and best practices, we share tips and strategies to help you succeed in better visibility and supply chain efficiency, maximize your marketing campaigns and protect your brand and its image. How to Harness the power of online Business - Learn more about how to unlock all of the benefits of this powerful way of growing your business, from taking full advantage of the flexibility to request for your products at anytime, anywhere using GS1 Nigeria Product Directory Hub to reach your target markets/audience thereby forming lasting connections with fellow manufacturers, retailers and consumers around the globe. GS1 Blog - Head to our blog for continued updates and resources to help you learn and stay connected through these unprecedented times. The entry of substandard and fake drugs and medical products into the legitimate supply chain can be significantly reduced with the help of GS1 standards. Our standards are used for the effective tracking and tracing of medicines, inventory management and medicine recall. These combine to fight against the influx of substandard and fake medicines during this global pandemic. Suppressed entry of competing fake and substandard products into the supply chain will allow legitimate companies to thrive in business as they should. Inventory management and logistics is improved in pharmaceutical companies and hospitals with GS1 standards. This results in significantly less supply chain inefficiencies, huge cost savings and less time wasted. GS1 standards ensure the sharing of accurate data in healthcare to prevent medication errors. Medication errors adversely affect patient care outcomes and can be a huge cost. This is of particular importance in a high pressure patient care environment as seen in Covid-19 care where overwork and exhaustion among healthcare workers are commonplace. GS1 Healthcare in Nigeria is a reliable partner to help in the fight against Covid-19 to ensure that products that are required by our population and patients are available for use when needed.